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Gnome Sciences provides a robust assortment of routine and specialized pathology lab services designed to enhance your Discovery Research. Every procedure within our CLIA-certified molecular biology and pathology labs upholds the highest levels of precision and accuracy, ensuring prompt delivery of results. Managed by board-certified pathologists and skilled laboratory staff, your results are Analyzed, Imaged, Interpreted, and Reported with precision. Trust in Gnome Sciences, the driving force behind groundbreaking research and discovery.

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Service Overview

Gnome Sciences offers an extensive array of Pathology Services tailored to meet the unique requirements of your human or animal (rodent) tissue research studies. Whether you need to work with slides, animals, or collected tissue samples, we have the capability to handle it. You have the flexibility to provide us with your prepared histologic slides, or allow us to expertly prepare the slides from your tissue specimens within our CLIA-certified labs, under the diligent supervision of a board-certified pathologist.


We pledge to deliver consistency in results, regardless of the scale of your study, be it tens, hundreds, or even thousands of samples.

Our Discovery Research Pathology Services at Gnome Sciences

Tissue Preparation, Sectioning & Slide Preparation

Optimized to suit your specific tissue types and study needs. The Gnome Sciences team boasts a rich history of working with a broad spectrum of human tissue types, if needed.

Slide Staining

Gnome Sciences offers a full range of histological staining techniques to help you visualize particular cell structures and elements within your clinical trial tissue specimens. Our pathologists and skilled technicians can guide you toward which stains will present what you need to detect in the best format for your study.

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Staining

Gnome Sciences harnesses the depth of decades of IHC experience held by our pathologists and technicians to localize antibodies precisely to their specific antigen sites within tissue samples. This enables visualization of protein expression at the cellular level within your tissue sections. Employing a vast array of antibodies and methods, we tailor and optimize the techniques to your study. Our use of multiple platforms, including Leica, Ventana, and manual formats, ensures the provision of clean, clear signals using a variety of chromogen colors.

In Situ Hybridization (ISH/FISH/ RNAScope®)

At Gnome Sciences, we regularly perform ISH to accurately detect, quantify, and localize subcellular DNA and RNA molecules, inclusive of microRNA. Our expertise extends to performing co-localization studies for the detection of the co-incidence of biological macromolecules using multi-color fluorescent studies.

Multiplex Chromogenic Staining

Gnome Sciences brings together routine cellular stains with multiple molecular biomarker detection through IHC/ISH. This permits simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins, nucleic acids, or a combination of the two on single slides. For larger numbers of molecular biomarkers, this can be carried out on immediately adjacent slides.

Antibody Optimization

The specialized team at Gnome Sciences stands ready to select and optimize the antibodies for your IHC studies. Our expertise covers the selection of appropriate proteins and epitopes for the required specificity in your IHC tissue studies, antibody type (mono- or polyclonal), species, and label. Additionally, we customize specimen preparation, including fixation and antigen retrieval, to achieve optimal detection of one or more simultaneous protein biomarkers, even in the presence of other stains and treatments.

Molecular Biology Analysis

Gnome Sciences offers a holistic suite of molecular pathology and biology solutions. Our services range from nucleic acid isolation to quantifying specific protein and nucleic acid molecules (biomarkers) from tissue samples. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive genome variant (SNP) analysis of RNA and DNA species in tissues, including tumor biopsy regions.

Rapid Genotyping (Mutation Analysis)

Leveraging our vast experience as a high-throughput COVID-19 RT-PCR clinical testing laboratory, Gnome Sciences provides clinical-grade genotyping (SNP/mutation analysis) results. We deliver results within 24 hours of sample receipt, provided there are sufficient sample volumes (for example, a minimum of 40 samples per run, up to thousands per day). This rapid service can be especially beneficial for clinical trials recruiting patients for rare genetic diseases, where specific genetic markers are vital for inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Digital Pathology & Slide Scanning

Gnome Sciences employs state-of-the-art information systems to ensure the quality, regulatory compliance, and secure reporting of your data. Our comprehensive system includes sample accessioning in our LIMS system, management of SOPs, reagents and protocols, storage, and analysis of imaging data, interpretation, and reporting of the findings. We utilize Aperio Digital Pathology Scanners for whole slide scans and image analysis software for automated, statistically significant results. Supervised by senior lab staff, we provide you with high-resolution, publication-ready digital images and expert interpretations from our board-certified pathologists. Upon project completion, your data can be securely accessed through our custom lab services portal or delivered digitally, such as via 64-GB USB thumb drives. Regardless of your specimen or slide volume, we ensure consistent quality in staining and/or slide scanning.

Customized Reporting

At Gnome Sciences, we prioritize providing tailored reports to suit your unique study requirements. If desired, we can integrate results directly into your information systems, in addition to our own LIMS and reporting system. We accommodate all your reporting preferences, including layout, data types, and what to report. For example, you can specify the number of images per patient, level of magnification for photomicrographs, desired interpretation and analytics from whole slide imaging, and desired captions and annotations on your images. Reporting can be adjusted based on patient diagnosis as well. Rest assured, all reports are thoroughly reviewed by our board-certified pathologists.

Animal Necropsy Services

Gnome Sciences is dedicated to offering a diverse array of necropsy services. We ensure that each step of the process is handled with utmost care and precision. Our range of services includes:

  • Detailed clinical observations and measurements, including the identification of lesions and abnormalities
  • Careful tissue harvesting and specimen collection
  • Comprehensive organ analysis
  • Supervision by board-certified pathologists for all processes
  • Implementation of specific tissue collection protocols
  • Tissue procurement upon request (we recommend Discovery Life Sciences)
  • Preparation and freezing of tissues for genomic and proteomic analysis
  • Efficient biospecimen management and storage for your studies
  • Precise sectioning and slide preparation
  • Comprehensive histopathology and anatomic pathology services
  • Courier service for seamless pick-up or delivery of animal or biospecimens

Additional Animal Studies

Beyond our Pathology and Molecular Lab Services, Gnome Sciences extends its capabilities to conduct gene expression studies, ELISA assays for protein expression (tissue, serum, or urine), and analysis of metabolites, among other assays. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are prepared to go above and beyond to deliver precise and valuable results.

Complex Studies

Gnome Sciences thrives in the space of multifaceted research, leveraging our deep expertise in diverse detection and analysis methodologies. Our dynamic approach allows us to assemble the best techniques to deliver the answers you seek. For instance, we have the capacity to blend chromogenic and fluorogenic marker detection to enable simultaneous protein and RNA expression/colocalization. Moreover, we can integrate anatomical pathology with IHC, RNA microRNA, and other molecular pathology detection techniques within single sections.


Our services extend to providing gene variant analysis to compare patients or examine cellular differences in tumor microenvironments. For viral infectious diseases including COVID-19, we offer viral RNA detection and variant analysis. Gnome Sciences also marries protein marker analysis with quantitative gene expression analysis (qRT-PCR) and laser capture microscopy (LCM) for single cell analysis of genes and cells.


At Gnome Sciences, your research goals are our priority. Share with us what you aim to achieve, and we pledge our commitment to working alongside you to find the answers.

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