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Pharmacogenomics is revolutionizing the field of medicine by personalizing drug therapies based on an individual’s genetic makeup. By understanding how a patient’s genetics can affect drug response and efficacy, it’s possible to tailor treatments for optimal effectiveness and minimized side effects. At Gnome Sciences, we offer comprehensive pharmacogenomic testing services, designed to support your research studies from discovery through late-phase clinical trials.

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Service Overview

Implementing pharmacogenomic approaches early in research studies provides invaluable guidance on drug dosage and patient selection in subsequent phases, thereby streamlining the study process and significantly saving time and resources. Our team at Gnome Sciences is equipped to screen potential study candidates using validated assays for Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), a type of genetic variation that can significantly affect drug response.


Our capabilities span several relevant therapeutic areas, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive pharmacogenomic insight for your research:

  • Cardiac: Discover how specific genetic variations can influence the response to cardiac medications, enabling personalized treatment plans that enhance patient safety and efficacy.
  • Psychiatric: Understand the genetic factors that can impact the effectiveness and tolerability of psychiatric medications, to provide more individualized and effective treatments.
  • Pain: Uncover the genetic variations that can affect a patient’s response to pain medications, helping to optimize pain management strategies and minimize the risk of adverse reactions.
  • Custom: We understand that every research study is unique, and we’re prepared to design custom pharmacogenomic panels to suit your specific needs.

At Gnome Sciences, we leverage the power of pharmacogenomics to accelerate research and deliver actionable, personalized data that can enhance patient outcomes in future clinical trials.

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